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Sarah June has released a magical set of live recordings. The set took place at The Stork Club in San Francisco December of 2008. I am not normally a huge fan of live recordings but these have such a wonderful intimacy that it’s a real treat listening. I have long dreamed of seeing Sarah live and these recordings magically transport the listener to one of her live shows. The set list of 6 songs include 5 songs from her debut album “This Is My Letter to the World” and one track from her second album “In Black Robes”. The songs are wonderful and adding to the enjoyment is hearing Miss June speak and talk about the songs. The download is only $5 (or a larger donation if you like) with the proceeds going toward a future live tour. The small cost is well worth the price of admission.

You can find the Live Set Here…

Sarah June Live at the Stork Club San Francisco


Sarah June Live

Live from the Stork Club



Sarah June live  tonight along with the Hawk Jones Band, Andrew Plan, Boogie Hop, Concrete Marshmellow, Travis Hayes at the Red Vic in San Francisco.

Going to be a great show so if you are in the SF area tonight go check it out!!

The Red Vic

1665 Haight St
SF CA 94117

Here are a couple videos of Sarah June performing live at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco July 20, 2010. She is such an amazing songwriter and accomplished guitar player. Enjoy!!

“From My Window High”


Sarah June Live Hotel Utah San Francisco. June 20, 2010 8:00 PM

Wish I could be there it will be a great show!!

Hotel Utah

Sarah produces such wonderful image filled songs that video seems a natural media for her. At this point videos are somewhat far and in between. Over the past couple of years I have created three fan based videos and there are a handful of live videos from one of her shows. I hope that soon there will be more of the live videos to share with the world. Here are two that I have created (I apologize in advance for any “borrowed” images. Plus a a couple of her live shows as well. I wish the video was better on the live shows but that will rectified in the near future.

Judgement Day

Illustrated Man

The Reaper – Live

My Red Shoes – Live