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One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists. I love this version as it is quite close to what was on the original album. Peter has redone this song on at least one occasion…. one of his greatest hits albums “Shaking the Tree”. Prior to that I had heard him quoted that he wanted to redo the song as he had always felt that it was “overdone” on the album. I had always disagreed. In my opinion it is hard to improve on perfection. Enjoy!!


Daily I Ching Hexagram Free from

Sarah June Lyrics. She is such an amazing songwriter!! More soon!!

Oh My this looks good. Coming in two parts… first part  November 2010 and the second July 2011.


My iChing reading for the day. Sounds good to me 🙂

11: Harmony

Monday, June 28th, 2010
Hexagram 11
General Meaning: The trigram earth is above that of heaven, and heaven seems to be on earth. The gravity of matter merges with the upward radiation of light to merge in deep harmony. This juxtaposition denotes a time of peace and blessings for all living things. In the affairs of humans, tranquility comes when the good, strong and powerful show favor to those of lower status, and those of more modes means are well disposed towards those who are currently blessed. This condition marks an end to feuding. In such a state, it is best to let the energy ride high. The way is cleared, and the prospects for great success are outstanding.