I had never thought I would have the chance to see Fiona live. It had been years since the release of her “When The Pawn” album (one of the best albums of all time!!)  and unclear if there would be another. Then in 2005 Fiona came out with “Extraordinary Machine”. It is a great album! Fiona is an amazing songwriter with a true love of words. The hope that she would come to Oklahoma was slim. Then it was announced she would be the opening act for Coldplay in Oklahoma City. We went and she was wonderful. Most of the fans were there for Coldplay (Blah) and Fiona’s set was short but she was beautiful and amazing. A few months later she announced a solo tour. She had a show in Dallas and we made the 3 hour trip to see her there. OMG she was amazing!!! Great show!! I was counting my blessings. Then that Fall it was announced that Fiona’s last stop of the tour would be right here in Norman. Not more than a mile away from my house!!! I waited online for the tickets to go on sale and was able to pick up a pair on the second row!!! The second row but off to the far right but still they were great seats. I wanted to take photos but cameras were not allowed. The girls that entered right in front of us were turned back when a camera was found in their purse. I slipped through with my little Sony in my pocket ; ) I had been told if they caught you with a camera they would take it away so I was quite paranoid. The show started and I took some photos and videos as undercover as possible. Of course there were lots and lots of camera phones going. My wife Kate was taking pics with her phone and was standing to the side of the front row and kept creeping closer and closer. I saw a security guard eying her and start to walk toward her. I was thinking Oh Shit!! They are going to kick us out. The security guard walked up to her… I saw Kate kind of stiffen in resistance… but instead of telling her to return to her seat.. or worse…. he said… “If you want to get better pictures there is an open seat there in the front row. O M G!! So Kate in shock walked to the empty seat… dead front and center!!! Kate took the seat but being the sweet girl she is motioned for me to come take it. Once I got there,  in a miracle not seen since Moses parted the sea, suddenly there was not one but two open seats!! I motioned for Kate to come back and that is where we spent the rest of the concert. Not more than 5 feet from Fiona!! By this time I realized they were not going to do anything about cameras so for the rest of the concert I shot video.

Fiona is so wonderful and so intense in concert. She was very emotional with it being the last stop of the tour. There was not a big crowd there.. maybe 1500 people max. Fiona said she was glad of this and that it made her feel we were all part of the band. Fiona came back onstage for an encore and performed “Criminal” for what was to be the last song. Then something happened I could never have imagined. I made Fiona Apple Cry!!!! Fiona finished the song and was saying goodbye when I said (I was standing directly in front of her) “Fiona We Love You Sooooo Much”. The second I said it Fiona turned her head to the right and when she turned back tears were flowing down her cheeks. As she was then walking off the stage Fiona just stopped. The band kept walking and looked back at her with a puzzled look. She turned around and came back and sat at the piano and sang “Parting Gift”. No way of telling for sure but Kate was convinced it was because of what I said. Fantastic intense wonderful magical concert and I have the videos to prove it. Here is an example… My little camera had a bit of trouble with the lights and focus but it you watch until the end you can hear me tell Fiona how we love her. Still makes me cry too!!

Fiona Apple Live in Norman, Oklahoma October 2006