One of my favorite destinations on the web is MellowTraumatic.Com. This is not just any mere mortal’s website but it is in fact the digital home base of Hannah Fury. The unsuspecting visitor is greeted by an friendly welcome sign with the reassuring words of “Oh yes, you are definitely in the right place“.  Once inside you see quotes from familiar names such as Mick Mercer,  Gothic Beauty, and The Big Takeover. Mick calls her “A parasol-wielding OutKast” and The Big Takeover is quoted as describing Hannah’s latest brew as “beautifully warped music”. Other quotes on the page range from “beautiful, hypnotic” to “spooky and peculiar”. A feeling of unease is likely to overtake you as you read where one victim writer describes their situation, “I’m hopelessly caught in her baroque sugar spun spider web”. Is it safe here? At this point I believe that only the spider knows.

The portals lead to pathways.. some familiar some not so much. News, Lyrics, Reviews, Penny Dreadful, a Boutique, and then a real hidden gem in a doorway titled “Diversions”.  The recording room features an impressive list of free downloads as well as a list of CDs with very nice descriptions of their contents. The list of glowing reviews is also impressive.

The Boutique offers a wide range of tempting treats. Here all of Hannah’s music can be purchased but there are also other magical wares for sale. Hand made jewelry, Hannah t-shirts featuring her Marie Antoinette logo and even very unique and beautiful hand bags. These are all one of a kind items that you will not find at any local mall this side of Hades.

Brushing past the cobwebs and shadows you make your way to the Diversions space. Hannah names a list of Accomplices all of which I suspect my have other worldly connections. There is a set of 10 question posed to Hannah from Morbin Outlook and then a mysterious presence who goes by the name Sennette. Although professing to be over one hundred years old Sennette is still very quick on her feet and pursues her interests which include “ballroom dancing, lace-making and ornithology”. Apparently gin and blackjack are also listed among her hobbies. Her specialty is the giving of advice.  Sennette answers all questions from her vast array of answers she keeps in a jar by the door.

This has just been a very brief overview and hopefully pain free tour of Hannah’s Carnival of fun and horrors. Don’t just take my word for it…. brush away the cobwebs and see for yourself.

Hannah Fury’s Mellow Traumatic