One of my favorite artists in the whole world is Sarah June. Sarah is a native of Detroit and is now based out of the San Francisco area. I first discovered Sarah’s music when I just happened to travel over to a friend’s Myspace page and Sarah’s “We Lurk Late” was playing. So rare when you can pinpoint a moment in time that changes your life. This was absolutely one of those moments. I purchased the album, “This Is My Letter to the World”, and was further blown away. Unlike anyone that I had ever listened to before. Haunting sounds, meaningful lyrics, beautiful guitar. Music so simple but at the same time so deep. With me having over 10k Sarah plays scrobbled to she obviously has some replay appeal. 🙂 This past March saw the release of Sarah’s second album, “In Black Robes”. A wonderful wonderful album. While some of the songs have a similar feel as “Letter”, “Robes” builds on that feel and further showcases Sarah’s amazing skills on the guitar. Robes includes one of the most beautiful and touching songs I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. With the song “Paper Lantern” Sarah reflects on what the distant future may hold for her. “When I grow old will I braid my hair or will it be curls in white. Will my voice shake like a paper lantern in the wind or will I just sigh”. Such a touching and moving song. There are many more highlights on the album to the extent that it is near impossible choosing a favorite. I hope to get all of the lyrics to both of Sarah’s albums posted on here soon.

Sarah June’s “Dial Tone” from her first album “This Is My Letter To The World”